Chief the Horse

Horse is a horse a'corse

Trailer Park Jean

10/28/20221 min read

Mia has a new painting here at Dirt Road. Come and and see it before I buy it...we had a horse that looked just like this when I was a kid. His name was Chief. My dad liked to give his horses authoritative names like Caesar and Pancho, (after Pancho Villa). Chief had a sweet personality with a bit of a sense of humor. He was prone to run aways when he thought he could get away with it. After I was married, we ended up on the Diamond A near Seligman from '80 to '85. One of my favorite things was to go out in the evening and give the horses in my husband's string a little cake and smell the wonderful scent that comes from a horse. There was Topper, Jake, Denver, Red Fox, Bimbo, Shasta and my favorite, Jumper. My husband would let me ride Jumper because he was true blue. He was half mustang and a real character who always gave his best with a kind, yet energetic nature.I used to ride Topper, too. He was a big old gentle sorrel. One cold and snowy winter morning, I looked out the window to see Topper and my husband having a little set to. For some reason, Topper like to buck in the snow. I stayed off him when it snowed. Gosh, how I miss those guys. When I get to heaven, I am gonna hunt up something sweet to give them and rub the soft hair on their noses and ask them if they remember me.Be blessed and come on down to Dirt Road.