A little moseying....

to the sale barn

Trailer Park Jean

10/14/20221 min read

Jesse actually allowed me to go to the sale barn with him, Danielle and Colton. I tried to keep the embarrassing moments down in the single digits. My clothes were in place when I left the bathroom, and I didn't bid on anything and then say, 'Just kidding!'. We were walking across the parking lot and I said really loud, 'Am I going to get to see a real cowboy today?' in front of a few people. But I kept it to a minimum so I would be invited to go again.If I lived closer, I would just go hang out on sale day and watch the crowds and the dogs and drink ice tea and eat in the cafe. The world makes sense at the sale barn. I could sit in the sale barn and make up stories about it all and write the great western novel. Oh the cast of characters I could conjure up....but that takes concentration. But, I will remember the sights and smells, and the old cowboys talking cows over tea in the cafe and remember there are still places that life is lovely.Come on down to Dirt Road. We try to keep life lovely.