Maybe a Garage Sale??

Or bon bons

Trailer Park Jean

10/8/20221 min read

I think I will hold a garage sale and get rid of all my cooking equipment. I am tired of dragging food home and throwing it out. Everything I cook tastes yuck, even with copious amounts of Tobasco sauce. My favorite secret recipe of tuna casserole is molding in the fridge. Now if that would follow through on tacos from all my favorite places, I would be in a much smaller size.Fall is here and I am loving it. Some days I just want to wear boots, scarves and coats. I want to wrap up in a Pendleton blanket with a good book. I want a lot of things…I want to gut my house. Get rid of the kitchen, (except for the coffee maker), make a giant closet and a sleeping alcove and turn the rest into a giant shop and make weird art that make people think I am crazy.Me being crazy is something people think already. Years ago, I wrote a check at the DAV thrift store in Prescott. Sam, the gal who ran it, asked to see my ID. She looked at my birthday and said, ‘You are an Aquarian. You want to be sarcastic, but your husband is holding you back.’If you want to add to your current decor or change it completely, we can help. We even have Pendletons. AND one is holding me back on the sarcasm, and it's free, here at Dirt Road.

Be blessed…Trailer Park Jean