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Trailer Park Jean

10/10/20221 min read

I was scrolling this morning and someone posted one of my favorite verses from Psalms...blessed be the man when he walketh through the valley of Baca, he maketh it a place of springs. That has inspired me through the years. Not that I have achieved it yet...Moving all over the place on ranches, I lived in some shacks and didn’t have a lot of money to fix them up. I always found a way to make a home. I had a sewing machine and an imagination. I made blankets out of old Levi’s, I drug garbage in from the barn and hung it on the wall. One of my favorite homes was the Seven Ranch out of Ash Fork. The house was about a hundred years old. The linoleum in the front room was worn through to newspapers from the Johnson administration. Our drinking water came from a crank pump to a cistern. The front room had windows that brought in the morning light and the kitchen was made to cook big meals. I have tried to do that in my life; to fill my space with things of beauty and love, laughter and kindness. I hang beautiful pictures on the walls and dance when no one is watching. I haven’t always succeeded. There were times I just had to put put my head down and walk through the valley of many shadows, but I hope I have had some successes. Be blessed and make springs of goodness.Come on in to Dirt Road...we have pretty things, or just free smiles, laughter and a hug if you need it.