Trailer Park Jean

8/22/20221 min read

My grandpa, Edward Ashurst and his brother, Henry, never learned to drive an automobile. I found this rather comical entry in Uncle Henry’s diary…October 26, 1926. Spoke at Wickenburg in support of the Democratic nominees. Left Wickenburg in John Renoe’s auto and after proceeding about ten miles, I concluded to ride for a time with my brother William who was following in his auto. So I alighted from John’s car expecting to hail my brother’s car, but he did not see me and sped by leaving me alone on the dark desert road.I had walked an hour in the darkness when I was picked up by an auto carrying three young men. Andersen, Borden and Medlock, bound toward Prescott on a deer-hunt. No sooner was I seated in their auto when one of the young men in the auto allowed his rifle to go off accidentally and the bullet narrowly missed me. Finally met John Renoe, who, overtaking my brother and discovering I had been left on the dark road, was returning for me.Don’t get left behind…come in and see the cool stuff at Dirt Road.Be blessed…Trailer Park Jean