The Blessing

By Trailer Park Jean

Jean Bowser

8/12/20221 min read

It gets in your blood, And won’t go away.

It’s that cowboy disease, A blessing or a curse, I can’t say.

You eat biscuits and gravy, And tortillas and beans.

You drive an old truck, And patch up your jeans.

But, you’ve been to the city, To ply another trade,

And no joy, no hope, and no satisfaction it gave.

So it’s back to the ranch life, Low wages and all.

Rank horses and a wagon come fall.

Yea, it gets in your blood, And won’t go away.

Might as well call it a blessing,

Because it looks like you’re there to stay.

Come into Dirt road and see some cowboy stuff without getting bucked off a tank horse!

Be blessed Trailer Park Jean