Taco Tues

What blouse matches salsa?

Trailer Park Jean

10/28/20221 min read

I'm not sure if today can match the suspense and thrills of yesterday...trying to get heat in my house. It was a wild ride. My trip to town included a detour through Filiberto's. Yup, all traffic to get out of town was rerouted through the drive-thru. Since I was there anyway, I bought a burrito. It was the least I could do for them, since my car was taking up space.I can go to a Italian restaurant and I am good on Italian food for a week. One trip to a Chinese restaurant keeps me for a month or more. But, I can have a burrito on Monday and it does not interfere with my quest to obtain tacos on Tuesday.When I was a kid and we lived in Maryvale, we were not far from the Tolleson Tamale Shop. You could get a combination plate for 99¢. On the rare occasion we went out to dinner, we went there or Tang's Cathay. I loved the tempura shrimp with hot mustard. Even as a kid, I was hot and spicy. Actually, I was whiny and spoiled, but I could handle firey food well for such a pathetic specimen of a snotty nosed brat.Better get up and at it and head into Dirt Road. Doing tacos with the girls tonight and I have to decide what to wear. It needs to be something that blends well with salsa, because I spill a lot.Be blessed and keep it spicy. We have stuff to spice up your life!...just Jean